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Ho’s Tone Enhancer

This product of HO’s is a simple little box that enhances the tone of each note played from your fingertips. It’s great if you like to play hard rock.

How it works: There are no button controls on this enhancer; it connects between your speaker and amp. Simply connect your guitar amp into the enhancer and connect the enhancer to your speaker box, then you’re ready to play away at your hearts content.

What it does: The Enhancer improves your tone and can increases a 50watt amp to 100w.

Benefits: Increases tone, clarity, power, while giving a bigger and tighter bottom and thicker tone.

Don’t believe its capabilities? Come in and try it out!

Product dimensions in inches: [W x H x D]
[8 x 2.5 x 5]

Base Prices: All prices in Canadian dollars.

Options: Contact us for options available.

Internal top view
Rear view

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