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Do love to crank your amp because you find that is the only way to achieve the BEST tones?
But, do you find it difficult to play at those levels because the volume is just too high?
Do you wish you could play at a lower volume WITHOUT losing the tone you get when your amp is cranked up?
Well, then you’ll love the attenuator. The Attenuator is the first born of HO’s products.

How it works: This is a very simple yet effective device. Just hook up your amp to the attenuator and use the volume knob on the attenuator to adjust the volume. You can crank the volume on your own amp to the desired level then use the attenuator as the volume control. You can crank your own amp volume all the way to the top and use the attenuator to bring that volume down. You will find that the tone does not change! Only the volume does.

Benefits: You can play at ANY volume level WITHOUT losing the tone that you want.

The attenuator is sold at three different wattages. 10w, 50w, and 100w.
A 10 watt attenuator is best if you live in an apartment, if you like to play late at night, or wherever you aren’t allowed to crank your amp up.
A 100 watt is good if you play in a band and you often play in smaller venues.

Don’t believe its capabilities? Come in and try it out!


Options: Contact us for additional option pricing.
110v or 220v versions available
100/200v output
line out
Bedroom switch
Plexi Switch

headphone jack
Dual volume Foot switch
Rack Mount
200W Load
Effects Loop

Internal top view

Front view

Rear view

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