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Ho’s Tube Amp

This is a handwired tube amp and an attenuator all into one metal casing (now with the added FX loop).
Ho’s Tube Amp possesses a unique character unlike any other tube amp on the market.
This is a great amp if you like to play a bluesy melody or if you want to work it hard and play some rock. Now with the added FX loop you can loop your favourite time based effects such as delay and chorus to create a lush, ambient, soothing effect you can only dream about!

How it works:  You can use this product as a standalone amp or you can connect another amp and switch in between them interchangeable via a foot switcher. The best part about that is that it can all be carried through one cabinet. The Ho’s tube Amp includes a volume, treble, bass, post volume and a switch for a mid boost (and now with the FX loop “Send” knob). The back panel has pots for speaker out, external amp in, FX loop send/return and amp switcher.

Ho made the FX loop go through the attenuator as well which makes your tone million times better! no one else has done this before, this is exclusively available from Mr Ho himself only.

Product dimensions in inches: [W x H x D]
30 Watt [11.75 x 3.5 x 7.75]
50 Watt [11.75 x 3.5 x 7.75]
100 Watt [11.75 x 3.5 x 7.75]


Options: Contact us for additional options and pricing.

Customer Review

Sound Clips:

      1. Ho Amp Breaking Up Clip

      2. Ho Amp Breaking Up Clip-02

      3. Ho Amp Audio Clean Clip

      4. Ho Amp Dirtier Clip

      5. mid heavy sample2

      6. clean sample

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