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Extrernal EFX Loop, and dual button booster pedal‏: David Thomson

Hi Ho!!

Thanx again fro your gear man, my efx have such a better quality of
production now that I can run my reverb, delay, and rotary efx after
my amp….the best, simply predestine!!

I am like a kid who found the candy store with your new gear,
especially your two button booster/overdrive pedal….I have not found
any other pedals that keep the same exact organic tone of the
guitar….yours simply is better than any boutique pedal i have

I’ve been getting you to mod my Marshalls, upgrade other amps, have
bought your attenuators, now your external efx loops, your booster/
overdrive pedal, and Ho, you just keep getting better all the
time,,,and it seems as though your always a step ahead on the tone of
the time…Thanks again for helping me to satisfy my musical

David Thompson

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