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Ho’s Headphone Tap & Attenuator‏: Bob Landry

Mr. Ho built me a custom Ho's HTA (Headphone Tap & Attenuator) for my
new Peavey Classic 50 212 amplifier (tube type). I live in a condo
where one cannot make any disturbing noise to offend other tenants in
the building. Mr. Ho's HTA cured the problem. I can run my volumes
around 9+ turn my headphone volume on the Ho's HTA up to 9:00 position
and only I can hear the beautiful music generated from my Gibson SG
through Ho's HTA and comfortably into my Sennheiser Pro 280 headset. I
know there are many of you who have this noise problem and now there
is a top quality sounding way you can enjoy the sounds of your guitars
through quality (tube type) amplifiers and headsets running at over
half volume to get the sound performance your equipment can provide.
Mr. Ho's HTA (Headphone Tap & Attenuator) will do just that. This must
have item made by the best guitar amplifier attenuator designer and
builder, how can it not be the best answer to run quality headphones
through a top quality tube amp like Peavey.

Thanks again Mr. Ho Job well done!
Bob Landry

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